About us



        The company DATAPLUS, ltd. provides full service in the sphere of accounting, payroll and human resources for physical and corporate entities, for businessmen and for non-profit associations, for accounting entities in both single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping, for taxpayers, non-taxpayers as well as for people that are registered according to § 7 or § 7a of the Law of value added tax.

        The company DATAPLUS, ltd. was founded in 2009, picking up on long-time experience in the sphere of accounting, payroll and human resources. This experience was gained while exercising these activities in employment and in license.

        At present we dispose of an experienced and qualified 3-member team which guarantees a professional approach, tactfulness and a high qualification level of provided service in accordance with the Slovak Republic legislative.

        We are able to provide service for clients within the frame of the Slovak Republic, but also for foreigners' premises. Currently, physical entities, business companies and non-profit associations from the Kysuce region, Žilina, Martin, Bratislava and the Czech Republic use our service.

        We use these programs: KROS, JSC (joint-stock company) – accounting softwares; ALFA plus – single-entry bookkeeping; OMEGA – double-entry bookkeeping and OLYMP – payroll and human resources.

        The company DATAPLUS, ltd. is responsible for accounting accuracy and it provides warranty on its service.